Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Don't tell me, show me..." Oscar de la Renta

Photo courtesy of the OscarPRGirl - Photos taken by the Purseblog & Jamie Beck

We all are totally smitten with the superb gowns signed by Oscar de la Renta. His show on this past Valentine day was no exception - Romantic with Princess-like dresses. I am found of the the hairband detail and the petrol blue color he used.

Well I am have GREAT news my friends! Earlier this week Oscar launched 'The Board',  a digital inspiration platform open to all of us! We can upload inspiring visuals (images, videos, ...)to help Mr. de la Renta in his creative process. 
This idea is genius! working in communication and marketing myself I believe 'The Board' is a great way to engage and involve fans. I certainly will be posting!

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